Awnings Save Homeowners Cooling Costs

A light-hearted look at how fabric awnings can cut homeowner's energy bills during the cooling season and enhance curb appeal.


      A History Of Sunbrella

If there is anything we've learned over the past 50 years, it's that our notion of what we can do with Sunbrella fabric is limited only by the imagination. Watch this video and then ask yourself "What would you like to see from Sunbrella?"


      Sunbrella Lab Test Procedures

Why Sunbrella? It's the story of possibilities imagined and realized. Imagine the comfort of a chair, the shade of an awning, a color or touch of a fabric... anything you like. Our fabrics invoke imagination and enhance the way you live. Imagine that!



      Why Sunbrella?

In this video, see a review of the many extensive tests applied to Sunbrella fabric. Tests include the hydrostatic pressure test (water repellency), oil repellency, rain test (water repellency), break test (strength), pinhole analysis, extractions, and the weatherometer (environmental performance)


      The Making Of Sattler Elements

Review this wonderful slideshow video showing images of Sattler, the making of Sattler Fabric, some finished projects, and more.


      The Science of Awnings - Efficient Energy Use

Learn how awnings directly affect your cooling energy by simply blocking the sun and understand

the appeal an awning adds to your home or business.