The Doctors Are In

Awning Doctors has been cleaning and treating residential and commercial awnings since 1985.  This has been an important part of our company and is a unique service we offer to Tucson and its surrounding area.  Your awnings are an investment and an expression of you.  As with any investment, especially an outdoor product, it requires maintenance to maximize your awning's beauty and life expectancy.

We Can Help

The objective of each cleaning is to extend the life and look of the awning fabric.  To clean and treat your awnings, Awning Doctors uses only products recommended by awning manufactures that will not harm your fabric.  This is done with special pads & soft bristle brushes to avoid any damage.

With over 30 years of experience, we have learned your location is a large factor as to how often your awnings need to be cleaned and treated.  The frequency of cleaning & treating to properly protect your awnings can range from every 2 months to every 12 months, depending on location.  We will help you evaluate the cleaning frequency best for you.

Durability Test

What is an awning's worst enemy?  Most would assume it is the strong Arizona sun.  Not so.  Believe it or not, dirt, dust and smog will do the most harm to your awnings through a process called acidizing.  Here's a quick test to identify the condition of your awning fabric.  Fan spray water from a hose on your awning.  When your awning is new, you will notice the water will bead off the fabric, much like water off a waxed car.  If the water soaks into the fabric, this indicates your awning  no longer has a barrier protecting it from the elements.

In other words, if the water soaks in, the protective coating has diminished and needs to be professionally replaced.  When water soaks into the fabric, so can dirt, dust, smog, bird droppings, etc.  When these elements settle onto the fabric and are left unattended (causing acidizing), the fabric will begin to thin and age more rapidly.   The awning will need to be professionally cleaned and treated to restore its protective coating.

Commercial Awnings

Your awnings are part of your business structure.  It is important to keep your awnings clean and well maintained, so your business looks good.  Appearance is everything!  Dirty and/or unmaintained awnings will often make a business appear like it's no longer in business.  Having your awnings cleaned and conditioned keeps your business looking like it's still in business and simply makes your awnings last longer.

Is It Time To Treat, Repair or Replace?

You now know preventive awning maintenance (cleaning & treating) will extend the life of your awning fabric.  But what happens if your awning fabric's condition has already become questionable?  Call the Awning Doctors and we will assess what is needed.  In addition to Cleanings, we do extensive repairs.  This may include patching, sewing, sealing, fabric recovers, frame & motor adjustments and resets.  We also provide the service of removing & replacing awnings for building maintenance purposes, such as painting, stuccoing and sealing of buildings.  Our assessments and quotes are always free of charge in the greater Tucson area.