Company FAQs

How long have you been in business?

Awning Doctors has been doing business in Tucson and its surrounding area since 1985.

I do not have awnings currently. Can I purchase new ones from you to install?

Yes. In addition to being a full-service maintenance company, we also sell & install many different styles of new awnings for your home or business.

Why should I choose Awning Doctors for my awning repair and/or maintenance?

Experience is a key factor in the awning business.  Since 1985, our team has been dedicated to exceeding our customers' needs from the initial consultation through job completion, and beyond.  We believe in long relationships with our customers and work hard to maintain those relationships.

Do you have a showroom or main office I should visit?

We do not have a showroom or a storefront location.  We operate primarily in the field, meaning we come to you.  By not having the additional and unnecessary cost of a store front location, we as a business, are able to pass those savings onto you.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Accepted methods of payment include check, money order, major credit cards, Paypal or cash.

Repair FAQs

What if I need something repaired on my awning?

Give us phone call or send an email to  Including a picture is also helpful.  Awning Doctors was built on a service mindset. A member of the Awning Doctors team will come to your home or business to analyze and correct the problem.

My awning has a tear or popped seam.  Can you fix it, or do I have to get a new one?

Many times fabric can be repaired, although it would need to be evaluated before that conclusion is made.  Repairs often depend on the age of the fabric, the condition of the fabric and the severity of the damage.

My awning has been unfortunately vandalized, is this something that can be fixed?

It will depend on the severity of the damage done.  We will need to assess the awning to find the best solution.

My awning has a tear or popped seam.  Can you fix it, or do I have to get a new one?

Many times fabric can be repaired, although it would need to be evaluated before that conclusion is made.  Repairs often depend on the age of the fabric, the condition of the fabric and the severity of the damage.

Does my awning need to be removed to be repaired?

Most repairs are completed without needing to take the awning down.

Can you give me an idea of what's needed for my awning without visiting my home or business.

If you would like to email us a picture of your awning, you can send it to  Sometimes this saves us a trip and saves you time.  Although, most time we will want to see the awning in person before giving you a final evaluation.

My awning fabric has been deemed "beyond repair".  Does that mean I have to buy a new awning and frame?

No. Most awnings (both stationary and retractable) are designed to allow the fabric to be replaced when needed.  Some companies may insist on selling you a new awning and frame.  Awning Doctors specializes in recovering your existing awning when possible, therefore saving you money by not re-purchasing a frame you already own.

Awning Recover FAQs

I've had my existing awning for many years. Can you replace the old fabric with new fabric?

Certainly. We specialize in recovering stationary & retractable awnings, even if they were originally manufactured by others.

How many different colors or patterns are available for my awning?

There are literally hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from.  Please visit our Fabric Sample page to what's available to you.

I would like to see how a different color or pattern will look on my existing awning.  Can you show this to me before I make that purchase?

Yes, with digital photography and special awning software we can show you how a different fabric will look on your existing awning so it properly matches your home or business.  You can also visit our Build A Digital Awning page to see how your fabric choice looks on a general awning, not on your home or business.

Does my awning need to be removed or relocated to be recovered?

Most recovers are completed on site, without needing to take the awning frame elsewhere. Most frames are removed from its structure, recovered, then reinstalled.

General Awning & Fabric FAQs

Is there much difference between the various types of awning fabrics?

Yes, different fibers, weaves and coatings have very specific advantages and different applications. Some fabrics are breathable, some are not. Some are water repellent but not water proof. Acrylic fabrics have a rich cloth appearance and are much more colorfast and fade resistant. Vinyl coated fabrics, mostly used on commercial projects, are the most water repellent. Mesh fabrics allow better ventilation and outward visibility.

How long will the fabric last?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked. It depends on the location and purpose of your awning, and we find that a life span of 10 to 15 years is not unusual when taken care of. See our Cleaning and Treating Page.  Most fabrics are warranteed for 5 to 10 years.

When someone refers to a canvas awning, is the fabric actually made out of canvas?

Not anymore. For many years awning fabrics have been made of woven acrylic. With acrylic, the thread is solution dyed before it is woven ensuring long lasting color. Acrylic looks and feels like canvas but is more resistant to the elements. Canvas was fabricated from cotton and the color was applied much like spray painting. Cotton would absorb moisture, acrylic is water repellent. Cotton fabrics used to flake and peel over time; acrylic does not. Today's woven acrylic awning fabrics are more durable, colorfast and generally far superior to the old canvas materials.

What are "Fixed Awnings" & what are "Stationary Awnings"?

The terms "Fixed Awnings" and "Stationary Awnings" are interchangeable, consisting of a welded metal skeleton frame to which awning fabric is attached. They come in all shapes and sizes, all being custom made to order. The basic rule of thumb when designing a Fixed Awning is that "if you can draw it, it can be built". Typically Fixed Awnings are for smaller areas such as windows, doors, alcoves, entry ways & walk ways. Canopy Awnings are typically a form of Fixed Awnings that cover larger surfaces and require posts and/or structural supports.

I am having my home painted. It is OK to leave my awnings up while this happens?

Most house paint is nearly impossible to remove from awning fabric.  It is strongly recommended you have your awnings taken down before painting.  Removing & reinstalling awnings for home improvement is a service we offer.

If I have Awning Doctors take down my awnings for painting or other home improvement, where are the awnings stored during this time?

Unfortunately, we do not have additional storage.  The awnings would need to remain on your property.  Some exceptions can be made, on a case by case basis. If you are keeping the awning on site during painting, we recommend keeping them covered as direct paint or paint over-spray is very difficult to remove.

Can we have my company name or logo put on an awning?

Absolutely. With today’s technology we are able to duplicate just about any style logo or lettering. We can create graphic images in all colors and combinations. We use only the most modern techniques and the result is a crisp clean image that provides 24-hour signage.